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Relofy is your go-to destination for all your relocation and business needs. We specialize in assisting talents and founders from around the world in navigating the complex process of relocating to the United Kingdom.

Why relocate to the UK?

For Business

Investment Opportunities

The UK boasts a robust venture capital market worth $21 billion, ranking 1st in Europe and 3rd globally, following the USA and China.

Startup Ecosystem

London stands as Europe's premier startup hub, hosting a vast array of startups, funds, and accelerators, fostering innovation and growth.

Access to Global Markets:

Situated at the nexus of Europe, the UK provides unparalleled access to global markets, offering strategic advantages for international business.

Government Support:

The UK government extends incentives such as tax breaks and grants to attract foreign businesses, facilitating cost-effective expansion endeavors.

For Tech Specialists

Fast Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

Through visas like the Global Talent or Innovator Founder Visa, individuals can apply for ILR after just three years, streamlining the path to permanent residency.

Global Networking

Access to industry-specific events, professional associations, and business chambers facilitates valuable networking opportunities on a global scale

Workforce Opportunities

With a high concentration of international companies and a skilled labor market, the UK offers abundant opportunities for professional growth and development.

What is Relofy

Welcome to Relofy, your trusted partner for navigating the complexities of relocation and business ventures in the United Kingdom. We specialize in assisting talented individuals and innovative entrepreneurs on their journey to the UK.

Our services encompass Global Talent Visa Assistance, guiding skilled professionals through the application process for a smooth transition to the UK. For visionary entrepreneurs, we provide comprehensive assistance in obtaining the Innovator Founder Visa, facilitating the establishment and growth of innovative businesses.

Additionally, we offer Project Funding Assistance, connecting entrepreneurs with potential investors and funding opportunities in the UK, supporting the transformation of innovative ideas into successful ventures. Beyond the visa process, our post-relocation services ensure a seamless integration into the UK lifestyle, covering aspects from finding housing to navigating healthcare systems.

Services of Relofy

Global talent


The Global Talent Visa UK presents an incredible opportunity for exceptionally talented and promising professionals to make their way to the United Kingdom. This visa scheme is specifically crafted to allure the most brilliant minds from around the world, inviting them to work, study, and engage in research within the country. 


founder visa

The Innovator Founder Visa welcomes entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas, providing an opportunity to start and run ventures in the UK.  It is also the fastest pathway to British citizenship within three years, subject to certain conditions. Ideal for both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking business opportunities in the UK



Navigate the landscape of funding opportunities with ease, as Relofy becomes your strategic partner in connecting entrepreneurs with investors and guiding them to accelerators in the United Kingdom. Our expertise opens doors to financial support and accelerates the realization of your business dreams.

why choose relofy

Our team of legal partners and business advisors provides unparalleled expertise. We offer personalized solutions tailored to meet individual and business needs. Through our extensive network, we connect entrepreneurs with potential investors, creating valuable opportunities for growth. From visa applications to settling into life in the UK, Relofy is your reliable partner, supporting your journey every step of the way.

Relofy opens doors to new opportunities, connecting talent and innovation with the thriving ecosystem of the United Kingdom. Join us on a transformative journey as we turn dreams into reality. Welcome to Relofy – Where Your Global Journey Begins!


Our team has guided numerous tech entrepreneurs and specialists towards obtaining UK visas


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