Why Scotland?

Some facts about Scotland

When considering relocating to the UK, many individuals will assume that London is the only viable option. However high rent and utility prices may in this case be a limiting factor and discourage individuals from making the move.

Scotland is often overlooked as an equally favourable destination for those moving to the UK. It offers numerous benefits including a more affordable style of living, making it just as an attractive option when considering where to relocate your business and skill set.

 We have compiled some facts about living in Scotland below, and look forward to helping you make an informed decision about where you want to relocate to.


Scotland is:


Cost of living

The cost of living in Scotland is lower than that in England. Whilst the cost of living continues to rise across the UK, it remains noticeably lower in Scotland. Consumer prices in Glasgow are 15% lower in comparison to London and 2% lower in comparison to Manchester. This means that rent, utilities, and public transport are overall cheaper, leading to a better quality of life.



Scotland is incredibly well connected, Edinburgh in particular an excellent choice for regular commuters. A flight to London is only 80 minutes, to Amsterdam 1.5hrs and to Berlin 2hrs; making it just as connected as English cities.

Public services

Better public services

Access to public healthcare is a significant factor that individuals take in when deciding where to live. Scotland has 1,050 people per National Health Centre primary care doctor versus 1,525 people in England. This figure demonstrates the accessibility of Scottish residents to healthcare.

No immigrational penalties

As Scotland is a part of the UK, the immigrational process is identical to any other region of the UK.


No overcrowding

The entire population of Scotland is just 5.5 million, which is significantly less than London’s population of 9.5 million. Scotland’s population is spread across the entire country, which can contribute to a more comfortable state of living for those who wish to avoid the stress and bustle of London.



Scotland is regarded as a progressive and forward-thinking country. It excels in many aspects of equality including gender, with the gender wage gap lower in Scotland than in the UK overall.



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